Tues 11-12-13: Basic 5 Moderate

Slightly modified due to the workout yesterday, omitting what got worked yesterday and adding a little bit extra on the clean and at the end of the workout…

Basic 5: Moderate

Hang Power Clean
3: 5,65,95,135,155,185
Power Clean
3: 185,185,205

6: 135,155,185, 3 sets @ 205,210(5),215

6: 185,205, 3 sets @ 275

Weighted Pull-ups
6: +20, 3 sets @ +25 (wide grip, pause at the bottom, 1st & 2nd sets with Dual Handled, 3rd & 4th sets with bar)

4 Supersets of 6 reps each:
Weighted Dip +50lb
BB Bicep Curl 85lb

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