18 Days Til 40: Playground Dumbbell & Upper Body

18 Days Out: Playground Dumbbell & Upper Body

I felt like going big so today I doubled up. First a trip to the playground for the third installment of dumbbell work and then after a little break I hit the gym for some upper body weights.

Grabbed a couple of 20lb dumbbells…

2 rounds:

Alternating Bicep Curl 23,17

Alternating Tricep Extension 23,17

Bent Reverse Fly 23,17

Alternating Fly 23,17

3 rounds:

Seated Cable Row x 15,13,12

Split Knee One Arm Incline Cable Push x 20,20

2 rounds:

Rope Curl x 20,20

Overhead Rope Extension x 20,20

McGill Big 3

Crunch x 10,10

Birddog x 20

Side Plank x 40 sec each side

Playground Dumbbell 2:

Playground Dumbbell:

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