Thur 4-24-14: Jump & Hand Work

Simple workout in the backyard…

Jumping & Handstand Work

5 Supersets:
Broad Jump 3 jumps
Handstand Pushups (supported) 4-6 reps

5 Combos of:
Running Long Jump one leg
Handstand 2-3 attempts
Running Long Jump other leg
Handstand 2-3 attempts

5 Combos of:
Ice Skaters 5 each side
Various hand work:
Round 1: Handstand Pushups 6 reps
Round 2: Cartwheels 5 each side
Round 3: Front Handspring 5 reps
Round 4: Handstand Pushups 4 reps
Round 5: Crouch Hold 30 sec

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