Fri 4-25-14: Pull

Mostly back and hamstring work with a little core thrown in for fun…

5 Rounds:
One Arm DB Pickup with Shoulder Retraction 10 reps each side: 16k,32k,40k,40,40
Wide Grip Pullups 8 reps

2 Rounds:
One Side KB Hold 30 sec + 10 reps side bend
Dual Cable Lat Pulldown 10 reps @ 97lb

2 Rounds:
GHD Leg Curl 10 reps
GHD Full ROM Sit-up 10 reps + 10 mid range crunches

4 Rounds:
DB Outward Curl 12 reps @ 30lb
Ball Crunch, Straight Leg w/ Glute Squeeze 10 reps
Reverse Fly 10 reps

Cobra 2 sets of 1 min

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