Mon 10-14-13: B5F 100 rep

After an expected chance to take my boys to school this morning, my workout window ended up about 12 minutes so I went to the tool kit for the best 10 minute strategy I know: 100 reps. Today was scheduled to be B5F 8 (Knee Dominant Lower Body) so I decided to do a front squat/back squat combo…

100 reps: Squat

5 min warmup:
4 min on bike, ascending tension
1 minute Power Plate

115 lbs, 30 seconds rest between each set:
22 Front Squats
23 Back Squat
13 Front Squats
12 Back Squat
13 Front Squat
12 Back Squat
5 Front Squat

~ 7 min

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