Sun 8-4-13: B5F Variety Medley

Ball Bridge x 15
Ball Crunch x 15
Standing Machine Row 50lbs x 25
Pushups x 20
Run 12 mph 30 seconds
Machine Rear Delt 40lbs x 25

3 supersets of:
Run 12 mph (20,20,15 seconds at 5,10,15 incline)
Pull-up 12,8,8 (Behind neck, wide, chin-up)

3 supersets of:
Smith Machine Bent Row +90 x 15 reps (3rd set underhand grip)
Seated DB Shoulder Press 45lb x 12,12,8 reps

Machine Row 50lbs x 100 reps (switched between close neutral and wide overhand grip every 10 reps)

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 75lbs x 20 reps (half behind neck, half in front)

Row 500 meters

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