22 Days Til 40: 40×40 Dumbbell

22 Days Out: 40×40 Dumbbell

Due to the 100+ degree temperature today I enjoyed the cool gym for a 40 x 40 workout. Everything was done with 40lbs. (two 20 lb. dumbbells) for 40 repetitions each exercise, either all in one set or in two sets (of 23 and 17 reps).

40 reps:


Ball Push

Incline Row

Split Squat

Bench Push

Bent Row

Cossack Squat

Alternating Shoulder Press


23,17 reps:

Front Squat

Tricep Extension


Bicep Curl

Glute Raise


Front Raise

Calf Raise


40 reps:

Hammer Curl

Incline Press

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