36 Days Til 40: +40 lbs

36 Days Out: +40 lbs

Today my workout consisted of adding 40lbs to my workout by grabbing two 20 pound dumbbells and using them for every exercise.

Light Warmup of 40 reps each:
Light BB Squat and Raise x 20,20
TRX Squat and Row x 20,20

From here I grabbed the DBs and it was 40 reps with +40lbs for all remaining exercises…

Combo 1:
Front Squat x 20,20
Bench x 20,20

Combo 2:
Split Squat x 20,20
Bent Row x 20,20

Combo 3:
Bicep Curl x 15,13,12
Lateral Raise x 15,13,12
Skullcrusher x 15,13,12

Combo 4:
Alternating Side Lunge x 15,13,12
Fly x 15,13,12
Pullover x 15,13,12

Finished with one set of 40 reps of DB Pull Backs

P.S. I’m still sore a bit from Mon & Tues! Wow!

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