40 Days Til 40: Bodyweight & Bodyweight Based Weight

40 Days Out: Bodyweight and Bodyweight Based Weight

I currently weigh about 170 pounds so I used that number for my bodyweight and bodyweight based weight training workout…

Bodyweight Only x 40 reps:

Body Row
Alternating Lunge

Bodyweight Added (170lbs) for 40 reps:

Combo 1:
Bench Press – 10,9,8,7,6 reps
Deadlift – 10,10,10,10 reps

Combo 2:
BB Shrugs – 15,15,10 reps
Lying Ball Leg Curl to Bridge – 15,15,10 reps
Overhead Press (1/2 bodyweight) – 9,9,9,7,6 reps

Body Row Iso Hold x 40 seconds

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