Mon 11-18-13: Basic 5 Pull

After three weeks of light, moderate and heavy, moving to a slightly different version of the Basic 5. The next few weeks will be alternating between heavy pull/light push and heavy push/light pull workouts. Heavy Pull is heavy on the C & J, Deadlift and Chin-ups, light on squat and bench. Heavy Push is the opposite, heavy on squat and bench and light C & J, Deadlift and chinup.

Basic 5: Heavy Pull

Clean & Jerk
5: 45,65,95,115
1: 135,155,175,185,195,205

5 sets of 5 @ 135

5 sets of 5 @ 135

3: 135,185,235,305, 3 sets @ 335

3: BW,25,45,80,80,80 (pause at the bottom)

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