Mon 9-30-13: B5F 10

Final new workout of phase 3 and of the Bare 5 Fit Protocol 1.0…

Workout 10: Hip Dominant Lower Body

10 reps: 45,65,115
8 reps: 135,185,205,225

Bench Hip Thrust
10 reps: 65,95,115,135,135

Elevated Hamstring Ball Curl
3 sets of 15

3 supersets of:
Alternating Side Lunge 10 reps each, last set Goblet style
KB: 12k, 16k, 16k
Elevated Ball Plank 1 min

3 supersets of:
Timed Calf Raise
Bodyweight: 60 sec, 45 sec, 30 sec
Ball Crunch 20 reps

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