Mon 9-23-13: B5F 7

Typically my birthday means the Franzen challenge (20lb DB Franzens x my age in reps as quick as possible) but since we are beginning Phase 3 today I wanted to stick to the program (plus that challenge is getting harder every year!).

Phase 3 will be set up slightly differently, still using a 3x/week setup but cycling through 4 workouts. Workout 7 will be today and then seen next on Week 2, day 2. The four workouts will be:

7. Vertical Push & Pull
8. Knee Focus Lower Body
9. Horizontal Push & Pull
10. Hip Focus Lower Body

Bare 5 Fit Protocol


Workout 7: Vertical Push-Pull

Hang Power Clean
10 reps: 45,65,95,115,135,135
2 sets of Power Shrugs 135 x 20 reps

One Arm DB Shoulder Press
10 reps: 20,30,40,45,50

Weighted Chin-up
5 reps: BW, 30,40,50,50 (didn’t get bar to chest last set)

Weighted Dip
8 reps: BW,15,25,35,40

4 Supersets of:
BB Bicep Curl (Thigh to Chin) 65 lbs x 12,12,10,9
DB Lateral Raise 20s x 12,12,12,12

A nice birthday workout. 👍💪

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