Plank Push-up Countdown

Thought of this a month or two ago on a whim when I wanted a little quick bodyweight workout. Ended up being really challenging. Forgot to post it when I did it but here it is:

Plank Push-up Countdown

This is simply a push-up countdown with 15 seconds of planking between each round of push-ups without resting.

Start in a plank- hold for 15 seconds, then do 10 push-ups and go back to a 15 sec plank, followed by 9 push-ups, another 15 sec plank, 8 push-ups… etc. until down to 1 push-up and finish with a 30 second plank. Total for the set is 3:00 of planking and 55 push-ups and should take around 4:30 minutes from start to finish.

Here’s a video clip of the first couple rounds for reference:

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