2 Days Post 40: Playground 40

Well my grand plan sort of faded out as I had a tough time doing too much the last few days but I guess that’s life when you start getting old (ha!) but I’ll trade a trip to Chicago with my wife and friends over a couple workouts any day.

I still did a few little sets of 40 reps here and there but didn’t actually get any good workouts in til today when I headed over to the park for one last 40 rep workout.

Everything today was 40 reps/seconds, sometimes in one set, sometimes in a couple sets but no real set plan- I just went with the flow…

Playground 40

40 seconds or reps of each:




Swing Pushups


Swing Body Rows

Step Ups


Calf Raises


Broad Jumps

Body Row Bicep Curls

Prone Body Tricep Extension

Hanging L Sit

All in all it’s been a good 40 Days of Fitness. Here’s to next years 41 Days Til 40!

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