Back & Core 1

I wanted to break down the Back & Core Essential protocol just a bit as it is meant more as a reference than a specific workout routine, although they certainly could be put together as one. Here’s the Back & Core Essentials 1 video, followed by the exercises listed in order shown. They can be done in this order, reverse order, random order or as a sampling of exercises. They can be done as a circuit or traditional sets. Most importantly, however, this was designed as a basic reference of my favorite 20 exercises/activities to keep healthy posture and a solid foundation.

Back & Core 1 – Essentials 
Quad Elbow rotation
Hip Swivel
Pelvic reset
Leg drop
Lunge instep stretch
Deep lunge hip rotation
Toe touch
Xiaopeng Forward
Xiaopeng Backward
T rotation
Hip hinge and rotate
Hip hinge back reach
Wall angel
Wall posture press
Side reach
Shoulder rotation
Chest/shoulder stretch


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