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Time has flown by this year as here we are in March already. Workouts have been following the sme basic approach: lots of playground and park training. I have been meaning to share some of them but they don’t follow much structure and often change quite a bit even while I’m doing them it would be hard to write down everything I do in a “workout” as basically I’ve been going to play at the park whenever I can. 

I did find a nice set of pullup bars at the local regional park that has the fitness stations I shared back in January and I was able to put together a couple videos of what my workouts look like when I head over to my local bar…

Bar Workout 1

Bar Workout 2

I also recently put this together for a client as something to keep his back, core and posture in check. I hope to expand on this soon as well.

Back & Core 1 (Essentials)

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