The Last Month Or So

Things have been slow around here as I have been mostly occupied with the sweet little newborn in our house (actually, taking care of the other 3 while my wife does the majority with the little one).

I have tried to do little things here and there, push-ups, pull-ups, some light gymnastics work and a little running but that is about it. Since going back to work I’ve gotten out to the park a few times which has been nice.

I also started in the last few weeks putting together a little grip course in my backyard to give me another little thing I can do when I get a few minutes. Here’s it is as now set up…

I also got a slack line for my birthday…

And added a pair of rings…

And then last week I came across a Ninja Warrior competition at Firestorm Freerunning, a nearby freerunning/parkour/gymnastics/acrobatics gym…

So all in all I’ve been relatively mild on the exercise front as expected but am looking forward to being able to train a bit more from home and keep enjoying my trips to the local parks and beyond.

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