Wed 4-30-14: Stairs

Decided to take advantage of my flight of stairs at home for a quick little workout…

Stair Workout

The concept was very simple. Go up and down a flight of 15 stairs, 55 times, broken up into 6 different styles with a 1 minute rest between each set.

One Step (at a time) x 10 rounds

Two Steps (aka skip a step) x 10 rounds

Three Steps x 10 rounds

Four Steps (Jumping) x 5 rounds

Five Steps (Jumping) x 5 rounds

One Step Crossover (facing sideways) x 10 rounds

One Step (Cooldown) x 5 rounds

Total time = 18 minutes, 12 working, 6 resting

Total stairs = 825 (1650 if you count coming back down)

Total steps (as measured by FitBit) = 1850


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