Sun 1-26-14: Pull-ups

I decided to continue on the theme of simplicity. This week I’ll do the same workouts as last week but make each set a little harder, increasing the intensity but reducing the reps a bit, around 75. Next week I’ll continue to make it a little harder, and do a few less, probably around 50 reps. First things first though, on to pullups…

80 Pullups

Warmup: 10 Tree Pullups

10 Tree Chin-ups (plyometric)
4 Door Trim
5 Chain Loop
5 Door Trim
7 Tree
8 Porch Awning
5 Two rope
4 Two rope
7 Two rope
6 Two rope
7 Two rope
10 Tree
3 Two door

Mixed in some trampoline jumping and jump to branches between the tree and rope sets.

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