Soccer, Frisbee and Fetch

Today I rediscovered how great a workout soccer can be, even if you are by yourself. A couple weeks ago I also rediscovered how fun playing frisbee is and how good of a workout it is at the same time, whether you have a partner or not…

My soccer day at the park was filled with some dribbling, kicking, throw ins, goalie throws, drop kicks and juggling. Although all were fun, it was the juggling that ended being the most enjoyable, challenging and a great whole body workout. I haven’t moved like that in a while and it felt fantastic!…

A couple weeks ago I also rediscovered how cool frisbees can be. My sons and got a regular frisbee and a couple Aerobies. I had an Aerobie as a kid and forgot how awesome they are. For people with young kids, these are very user friendly and easy to throw. They come in two sizes, my 4 year old throws the little one (Sprint) and my 7 year old is getting pretty good at the bigger one (Pro), to the point where we can have a game of catch at 150-200 feet. I highly recommend them for fun and and activity.

This spurred me to remember a game I played a few years ago called self fetch, involving just me and a frisbee. Another outdoor workout, this is fun, challenging and unpredictable. You can use almost any kind of frisbee, including an Aerobie, or a smaller floppy one like I used here…

Fitness is everywhere, we just need to keep our eyes and minds open to find it…👍









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