Mon 8-26-13: B5F BW: Upper

For the sake of continuity as my exercise partner is out of town and doing mostly bodyweight work, I’ll do the same this week…

Body Work: Upper Body

Power Plate 2 min
Walk 5 min
Alternate DB Hammer Curl Press 2 min @ 10lb
Keiser Row 3 min @ 30lb
Cuban Rotation 15 reps @ 15lb

5 Supersets of:
Wide Pullups 10 reps
Handstand ~ 30 sec

5 Alt-sets of:
Chin-ups 10,10,8,7,8
Handstand Pushups 10,10,8,7,8

3 Supersets of:
TRX Body Row 10
TRX Decline Push-up 10

3 Supersets of:
Dip Bar Hanging Shrugs 15,12,12
Dips 8

Slingshots 1 set of 10 reps

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