Mon 8-12-13: B5F 4

Starting the second round of structured workouts, which will be a collection of different exercises grouped into the same 3 workout template: power, bodyweight, strength. A few exercises carried over into this phase but most are mildly different or similar versions to phase 1…

Bare 5 Fit Protocol


Workout 4: Power
Alternating One Arm DB Snatch 10 reps total
Deep Step Up 10 reps each leg
BW, 15, 20
One Leg Deadlift One Arm Row (OLD OARs) Contralateral, 12 reps each side with Kettlebell
12k, 16k, 24k
Ball Slams 5 reps
10, 20, 20, 20, 10
70 Degree Incline DB Hammer Curl & Press 12 reps
25, 30, 30, 30 (separated the two exercises)

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