Mon 4-30-12

An early morning beach trip for some fun in the sand…

Beach Workout

Walking for 10 minutes

Jogging for 5 minutes

Dodging waves for 5 minutes (followed the surf down and then ran away from it when the waves came in- also shuffled away, backpedalled away and just played with the water)

General movement, stretching and jumping for 5 minutes

Sprints on wet sand (4 40-50 yard sprints)- tried to find a point in the sand and beat the water to it.

Walking for 10 minutes

Sat and watched the waves for 10 minutes

About 5 hours later a little extra workout…

Basic Pull Workout

5 Supersets of 10 reps each…
Deadlift (snatch grip 95-135-185, regular 185, close grip sumo 185) Video of Snatch Grip Dealift
Pullup (wide-wide-wide-middle-narrow)

Some miscellaneous stretching and mobility work.

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