Fri 4-27-12

Messed around with a bunch of single leg exercises today…

Lower Body & Core

1 set each of each exercise/version…

Band Walk
Penguin (Video)
Penguin Walk (Video)

Stand to Kneel
Standard (Video)
Weighted onto 6″ Step (barbell on back)
Weighted onto 9″ Steps on outside of knees
Weighted onto Bench from 4″ Pad (Video)

Deep Step Up (Video)

Single Leg Squat on Step (Video)

Single Leg Stand Up
Standard (Video)
Supine Balance to Stand Up (Video)

Single Leg Toe Touch (Video)

Oblique Crunch on Airex (Video)

Oblique Raises with Knee Tucks (Video)

Over The Hill Crunches (Video)

V-Ups (Video)

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