Tues 4-3-12

Another traditional weight training workout…

Upper Body Pull

Dead Hang Pullups 19

Lat Pulldown (112 lbs)
4 sets of 10 – 2 sets to front, 2 sets behind head

DB Row (65lb)
3 sets of 12

Seated Dual Cable Row (100lb)
4 sets of 10

Superset of:
Bent DB Reverse Fly 10lb x 20, 15lb x 15
Supinating DB Curl 25lb x 12, 10

Superset of:
Cable Reverse Fly 10lb x 10, 10
Standing Dual Cable Curl 50lb x 10, 10

Superset of:
Weighted V Situps 12lb CorBall x 15, 15
Rope Neutral Grip Preacher Curl 30 x 12, 12

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