Fri 3-30-12

Volume work. Rest only while partner is working.

Lower Body

Squat 5 sets of 25

Step Up from Deep Lunge (working leg on 12″ platform, other knee on ground, weight on shoulder) 4 sets of 15-15-12-10 reps
Bodyweight-10lb-30lb sandbag-30lb

Side Lunge with Sandbag (on lunging side shoulder) 3 sets of 10
30 lb sandbag all sets

KB Single Leg Stiffleg Deadlift 2 sets of 10
50lb- first set contralateral weight (held in opposite hand of working leg), second set ipsilateral (same side arm).

Exercise Ball Triple Threat 1 set of 15 reps each exercise consecutively
(Lying on ground, supine position, feet on ball)
Hip Raise
Leg Curl
Hip Raise with Knees Flexed

Calf Raise 1 set of 100
Bodyweight on edge of a step

Legs might be a little sore…

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