The Elite 8

In the spirit of the Daily 5Daily 10 or Daily 15, here’s the next version. Eight exercises that get it all and can be scaled from light to intense. Whether you need a simple circuit to do on a daily basis or a comprehensive group of movements to challenge almost every body part, the Elite 8 can be a nice part of your fitness toolbox.

The Elite 8

Squat & Press – 12 reps
Lunge & Curl – 12 each leg
Pushup & Knee to Elbow – 12 rounds 
Superman – 12 reps
Thread the Needle Plank – 12 each side
Bridge & Tricep Extension – 12 reps
One Leg One Arm Row – 12 each side
Flying Cossack Squat – 12 each side

8 Exercises – just about everything in the body gets a little love and it can be anywhere from a light 10 minutes to as long and intense as you want to make it.

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