Back & Core 3

Continuing the Back & Core protocols, here’s the Back & Core 3 video, followed by the exercises listed in order shown. These build on Back & Core 1 & 2 but can also be a stand alone guide for those a bit more advanced. Once again, they can be done in the presented order or as a random selection and can be done as a circuit or traditional sets. These were designed as a third set of 25ish effective exercises/activities to keep healthy posture and a solid foundation.

Back & Core 3

One arm bow hang
Bow hang/rocking
Bow hang drop ins/Spinning drop ins
Supported one arm hang
T hang
Back bow hang drop ins
Bridge one arm reaches
Forearm bridge
Prone Knee to elbow/cross body 
One arm pushup hold
Alternating T 
Extended Side plank hip drop
Rocking plank
Turkish getup
Deep squat rocks
Cossack squat/deep
Spinning side splits
One leg pushup
One leg pushup knee to elbow/cross body 
Lying Contralateral Raise/Ipsilateral raise
Lying upper raise/lower raise
Spinning deep squat tuck
Cossack elbow to foot
Wide stance walk out


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