Thur 4-3-14: Upper & Jump

Continuing to work on upper body strength/stamina (shoulders and back) and lower body spring/bounce/jumping…

Upper Body Strength & Lower Body Power

10 min Warmup:
Power Plate
TRX Squat Row
External Rotation w/ Band

BB Bent Row
12 reps: 45,75,95,115
10 reps: 135,145
8 reps: 155,165
6 reps: 175,185

6 Supersets:
Box Jump – various heights 5-10 reps
Handstand – 2x against wall, 2x each one hand with partner support, 20-30 sec per set

4 supersets:
Broad Jump – 2x regular for 6 reps, 2x hurdle jumps for 12 reps
Lockout DB Half Raise – 10lb x 10 reps

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