Mon 9-16-13: B5F Variety

Transition week to separate Phase 2 & 3…

Bare 5 Fit Variety

Upright Row To Press 45lb BB
5 sets of 10

5 supersets of 12 reps each:
DB Bicep Curl 25lb
Incline DB Press 40lb

4 supersets of:
Walking Lunge 15 each leg
Dip with Knee Tuck 10 reps

4 supersets of 12 reps:
DB Shoulder Press 25lb
DB One Arm Row 40lb

3 supersets of:
Cable Rotation 10 each side @ 30lb
Rope High Pull 20 reps @ 50lb

3 supersets of 12 reps:
DB Lateral Raise 20lb
Overhead Rope Tricep Extension 50lb

2 sets of:
Elevated Extended Plank (feet on bench)
1 min

1 set of:
T Bridge on Bench 1 min

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