Fri 7-19-13: Misc

Didn’t have the energy for the next Bare 5 Fit workout so did a little random interlude. Pick up with B5F 2 next time, either Sun or Mon…

Sprints & Upper

10 min of misc hip stretches, posture work and warmup.

Incline Treadmill Sprints
5 sets of 10 seconds, 12 mph @ 19.5 incline x 3, 10 mph @ 30 incline x 2

3 supersets of:
Seated DB Bicep Curl 30 lbs x 12,12,10
Seated DB Shoulder Press 30lb x 12,12,12

3 supersets of:
Wide Grip Pulldown 120 lbs x 12
DB Lateral Raise 15 lbs x 15

3 supersets of:
High Dual Cable Reverse Fly 30 lbs x 12
High Dual Cable Bicep Curl 30 lbs x 12

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