Sat 6-22-13: The Mantathalon

Today was the Mantathalon. Unfortunately, the guy who challenged me backed out 30 minutes prior to the event to go golfing. It was a nice day, can’t say I blame him. 🙂

There ended up being 6 competitors and I finished 4th with a score of 88.

The top score was a 99 (very impressive), followed by a 94, 90, my 88, 87 (I think) and 75 (although he had to do DB bench press which is harder). There were 3 trainers among the six contestants and we finished 4th, 5th and 6th. Guess we need to step up our game a bit… 🙂

My Mantathalon
Bodyweight: 175

20 Bench
20 Chin-ups
18 Shoulder Press
12 Dips
18 Bicep Curl

All in all a cool little challenge for us. I felt good about most of my performance but I was a disappointed with my dip performance. Oh well, life goes on. I may try this again sometime in the future but its time to move on to exercise that doesn’t revolve around the gym…


  1. Love reading these. I am running Oregon monastery logging trails today. P

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