Tues 6-18-13: Upper Body

**Wasn’t worthy of posting but yesterday I did a few sets of light barbell squats and a few pistol squats.

Easy, relatively light upper body work. Still a bit sore in some little muscles from the Alpha Warrior but wanted a little upper body stimulus for Saturday’s Mantathalon…

Upper Body
10 minute walk
Light monkey bar work

2 rounds:
Underhand Grip Posture Pull
Light BB Shoulder Press
Light BB Bicep Curl

1 round:
DB Bench Press
Underhand Grip Posture Pull
DB Shoulder Press
DB Bicep Curl

One Arm Cable Push
One Arm Cable Pull
Kettlebell Swing Press
Dual Cable High Bicep Curl

Kettlebell Swing Press
Elevated Ball Rollout
(video, pics below)
Thigh to Chin Bicep Curl (video)
One Arm KB Press



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