Tues 6-4-13: Full Body Misc

Just messed around today after spending most of the last three days doing work in the yard…

Full Body Miscellaneous

Band Alternating Archer 3 sets of 20
Handstand Practice ~10 minutes

21s (video)
Pullups (video)
Plyometric Pullups (video)
Skip Lunge (video)
Swing Pullups (video)
Two Level Plyo Pullups (video)
Wide Pull-up Outward Grip (video)

Treadmill Intervals 12 mph, 15 degree incline
6 sets of 10 seconds with 20 second rest between sets.

Some other videos I’ve added recently…

Weighted Dip
Push-up Row
Alternating DB T Push-up
One Leg Squat with Support
Half Get Up
Belly Slide Crawl


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