Some New Videos: April 2013, Part 2

Continued from Part 1 a couple days ago…

Core work:
Pullover on Ball (video)
Core Combo: Pullover, Crunch, Plank (video)
DB Pullover (video)
Leg Raise with Medicine Ball (video)

Incline Bench variations:
Incline Bench Barbell Row (video)
Incline Bench Dumbbell Row (video)
Incline Bench Reverse Fly (video)
Dumbbell Spider Curl (video)

TRX Atomic Push-up (video)
TRX Suspended Push-up (video)
TRX Knee Tuck (video)

Side Plank/Plank Combos:
Side Plank Cable Row (video)
Side Plank Cable Pulldown (video)
Plank Cable Pulldown (video)
Side Plank Cable Shoulder Press (video)
Side Plank Cable Bicep Curl (video)
Side Plank Cable Curl & Press (video)
Plank Cable Shoulder Press (video)

Finally, for those studs out there, here a couple good challenges:
Leg Crank (video)
Parting The Black Sea (video)
Super Arms (video)

Post Super Arms…

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