Fri 5-4-12

Lower Body Workout

Elevated Bridge Series (no rest between versions)
1 min hold, 30 sec hold each leg, 15 butt to ground reps each leg, 1 min hold, 15 reps butt to ground

All sets performed with 20lb DBs x 15 each leg…

Lunge Series
Walking Lunge
Alternating Lunge
Alternating Back Lunge
Alternating Side Lunge
Alternating Drop Lunge

Split Squat Series
Traditional Split Squat
Front Foot on 6″ Step
Back Foot on 6″ Step
Both Feet on 6″ Steps

Ab/Core Series
Over The Hill Crunches: 15 cycles
Airex Pad One Side Bicycle: 15 reps
Airex Knee Tuck Crunch Combo: 15
Airex Pad Supine Oblique Crunches: 15

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