Back & Core 4

Continuing the Back & Core protocols, here’s the Back & Core 4 video, followed by the exercises listed in order shown. These build on Back & Core 1, 2  and 3 but can also be a stand alone guide. Once again, they can be done in the presented order or as a random selection and can be done as a circuit or traditional sets. These were designed as a fourth set of 25ish effective exercises/activities to keep healthy posture and a solid foundation.

Back & Core 4

Sitting Reach Back
Seated L
Pigeon Stretch
The Perfect Stretch (lunge, elbow to instep, rotation, hamstring, quad/hip stretch and reach)
Lizard Crawl
Tipped Turtle
Back Inchworm
Wobbly Sitting Baby
Circle Scissors
Scapular Pushups (Quadruped and pushup position)
Forward Step Overs
Backward Step Overs
Foot Swivel
Prone Lying Glute Heel Raise
Seated Chest Pushout
Chest Pushout to Table
Table One Leg Extension
Fire Hydrant
Kneeling Forward Rock
Kneeling Hip Rotations
Hamstring Step Sequence
Arm Twisting (feet stable and feet rotating)
Knee Circles
Shoulder Circles
Lizard Stretch
Prone Chest & Hip Hollows


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