Fri Jan 16, 2015: Lessons Learned

We all learn lessons. Some are learned the easy way others are not. I learned a painful lesson today: be very aware of your surrounding, particularly when exercising and especially when doing pull-ups. More specifically, check above your head when doing pull-ups. Even if you’re very used to an apparatus/environment and think you know of any inherent hazard because you never know when you might spontaneously start doing a version of pull-ups you’ve never done before and the previously unhazardous becomes hazardous.

The metal bars that were not an issue with most pull-up versions but became an issue when doing the explosive side switching pull-ups I was doing…
After drifting too far to the side, my 6 or 7th pull-up resulted in slamming into the end of the first metal pole and an emergency room visit…
11 staples but spirits remain high. I guess the universe was encouraging a few days off. 🙂

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