Fri 12-19-14: Ido Portal’s Movement Culture

Today I did the beginners workout from Ido Portal, a fantastic movement teacher and creator of Movement Culture, an integrative and progression philosophy on human movement.

Although I’m no beginner to moving my body, I’m certainly a beginner when it comes to some of these moves and doing them well but I really enjoyed the sequence and novelty…

Beginning Movement Routine

Did one or two rounds of each of the following exercises…

Squat Sequence

Beginner Routine:
(YouTube link)
QDR Rotational Pushup
Rotations Into Low Bridge
NDA Lateral Pushup

Locomotion Conditioning:
– Walking Into Handstand
– Duck Walk
– Bridge Walk
– Horse Walk
– Lizard Walk
– Ostrich Walk
Handstand Straighten Into Line
The Shrimp
Eccentric Pistol + Side Pushup
0-90 Hanging Leg Raises
90-90 Iso Pullup Hang
Basic Bridge Pushup

Great little routine.

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