Mon 7-15-13: Cardio Medley

Probably due to the large amount of sweets I ate yesterday, today I had a little bit of energy to burn off. Since I was a little sore from yesterday’s Bare 5 Fit workout, today I decided to do a little “cardio”.** The setup was what I used to do several years ago when I used to do cardio more frequently because I was under the assumption I had to do it to be healthy. Back then the only way I could stomach cardio was to do an aerobic medley/circuit with a few core exercises thrown in between. This is very similar to Joel Jameson’s Road Work 2.0, which is a pretty cool reimagining of cardio. Check it out for some good details and thoughts on cardio.

Cardio Medley

12 Hanging Leg Raises
5 min revolving stairs
12 Hanging Leg Raises
5 min incline treadmill walk
12 Hanging Leg Raises
5 min Precor elliptical
3 set Drawbridge (video)
5 min treadmill medley (side shuffle, crossover, backwards walk)
3 set Drawbridge
5 min battle ropes & jumping jacks
3 set Drawbridge

30 minutes
Average heart rate ~110

**Many of you have likely noticed there’s been little to no cardio in the blog records as I’m not a fan of doing cardio just to do it, for a healthy heart or to lose weight. I think it’s an overprescribed, misunderstood and unenjoyable activity for most people. It can be of value if it is enjoyed and/or purposeful and particularly if it is outdoors. If it is forced, miserable or draining then it’s being misused.

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