Thur 3-21-13: Leg Challenge

Lower Body

2 mile hike down and back up a local gully trail.

Leg Challenge: 10 reps of each in a row, 50 reps total.
Step Up (10 each leg)
Lunge (same)

Set 1: Bodyweight
Set 2: +25% of BW (45 lbs for me)
Set 3: +50% of BW (90 lbs)

Set 4: +75% of BW (135 lbs)
This is where I stopped…

BONUS for the freaks:
Set 5: +100% of BW


BONUS for the gluttons for punishment:
Work your way back down- 50%, 25%, BW.

You can use any apparatus to add the weight, I chose a barbell for convenience. You can also modify it for different percentages of BW (10%, 20%, 30%, etc.).

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