Tues 4-17-12

Upper Body Pull

Rope Posture Pull 3 sets of 20

One Arm DB Row 4 sets of 12

Lat Pulldown 4 sets of 10
165-165 (Reverse Grip)
150-135 (Behind the Neck, Wide Grip)

Close Grip Cable Row (Standing) 3 sets of 15

Superset 3 sets of 10 each:
EZ Bar Upright Row 80lbs
EZ Bar Pullover 80lbs

Superset 3 sets of 10 each:
EZ Bar Bicep Curl 70lbs
Ab Wheel Rollout


    • Thanks for the comment- It was quite fun- I am not training for anything specific at the moment, just enjoying some traditional exercises after a while of endurance and agility training. I like to cycle through different rep ranges, sets, volume, intensity, etc. unless I have a specific goal- which usually isn’t the case…

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