Mon 3-26-12

Still needed some recovery from Friday’s heavy push workout so I decided to forego the Power Clean day and do some lower body work. Didn’t plan anything, just made it up as I went. Turned out to be just what I needed.

Lower Body

Countdown 10 to 1
Swings (70 lb)
Back Lunge (alternating, 10 each, etc.)
Went straight through, but not necessarily for “best” time (Total time: 5:05)

KB Windmills 10-10-10

Movement and Footwork
10 minutes of ladder and movement drills. No structure or repeats, just one set of a bunch of different fast footwork and general moving around drills (feet in/out, side in/out, hopping, bounding, run/backpedal, side shuffle, karaoke, bear crawl, etc.).

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